Convert Files with VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player and Locoloader are a perfect match. Locoloader generates VLC commands that allow you to easily convert files with VLC Media Player. Here's how it works…

  • 1Install the free VLC Media Player on your computer and don't change the installation folder.
  • 2Use Locoloader to generate a conversion button and click on it. This saves the VLC command to your clipboard.
  • 3Open the Command Prompt app, which is part of Windows. Right-click in the Command Prompt to paste the VLC command from your clipboard, and press the Enter key ↵ to start the file conversion with VLC Media Player.
  • 4The converted file will be stored in your Downloads folder.

Struggling with conversion? Ask for help.

If you need to stop the conversion automatically, just append the time limit in seconds at the end of the command. For example: --run-time=3600

Is VLC Media Player Safe to Install?

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If you've never heard of VLC and you are worried about whether it is safe to install, don't worry! With a 20-year history, VLC Media Player is the most popular media player and converter in the world. Its development began at the École Centrale Paris and is now covered by the non-profit organization VideoLAN, based in France. Although VLC is one of the best programs available, it is completely free. Consider supporting the people behind this amazing project with a small donation.

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